A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

Of course I've heard this saying but I'd never really thought much about it. Well, I just had my first experience that proved it true! Much of the book I'm working on takes place in Ireland so I was searching for inspiring photos near the areas it takes place. Out of the six photos I downloaded I was inspired to write four scenes for my book! I'm blown away, I never expected that level of inspiration. But just looking at this photo on the left you can see why they had such an impact on me.
I'm so inspired now that I can't stop writing. The words are flowing faster than I can write in short hand. If you get stumped I highly recommend looking through old photo albums or even jumping on the internet and searching. If you haven't played with google maps yet you really need to. You can zoom all the way into a lot of streets all over the world and see the buildings as if you're standing right there. I can't tell you how much that has helped my writing, it's priceless. Not to mention it really helps when you're considering where to stay on vacation! Happy surfing!


  1. Thanks for the advice, and i've tried that before when I'm writing poems. It does help, thatnks again!


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