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A Perfect Halloween Read

Happy Halloween all! Do I have a treat for you... The description of this mysterious adult paranormal thriller had me chomping at the bit to read it. The co-authors only sweetened the deal and made me want to read it even more. I was in the Winter Wonders anthology with Tina Moss and Yelena Casale and I fell in love with their captivating writing styles at that point. So much so that as soon as I heard about A Touch of Darkness, I couldn't hardly wait for it to release. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to get an ARC! But you're in luck, it releases officially from the publisher today! This novel is True Blood meets Immortal Instruments, only so much better. I couldn't get past some of the quirkiness of True Blood and Immortal Instruments was far too slow to hold my attention properly. But this blew them both away in those arenas.  A Touch of Darkness rockets you along a pulse-pounding story and sucks you into the characters. You'll want to cheer for Cassie'

Writers Road Recap: Scary Stories

As a special treat, last Monday we shared scary stories in honor of October. Some are true, some legend. See if you can tell which... Stacy Sorrells   @ StacySorrells  Well I took my kids (true story) to this haunted pirate inspired theme park over the weekend. # WritersRoad Melinda S. Collins   @ LurchzPrincess  *Dracula voice* Good evening! *coughs* What's up? Who's ready to be scurred? ;) # writersroad Stacy Sorrells   @ StacySorrells  All is well # WritersRoad until, I think we are exiting this noisy "hotel" with chainsaw wielding monsters... # hotelhell Heather McCorkle   @ HeatherMcCorkle to  @ StacySorrells No! Not chainsaw wielding monsters. *shivers* # WritersRoad Stacy Sorrells   @ StacySorrells  When I open the last door # WritersRoad thinking we will be back near the crowd...we weren't. We were in an eerily quiet cornfield Heather McCorkle   @ HeatherMcCorkle to  @ StacySorrells Now I really am freaked out. I don