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Truth Behind the Fiction

While the Republic of Gilead from a Handmaid's Tale was fictional, the author based it off events that have already happened to women ~and may happen again if we aren't careful.   In the novel, it all begins with the slow but steady stripping away of the rights of women and the LGBTQ+ community. From there it escalates into a full blown takeover and restructuring of the government to embrace a utalitarian type of patriarchy where women are seen and not heard, used and not cherished, and to be LGBTQ+ is to invite mutilation at best and death at worst.  Sound far-fetched? Sadly, it is all based on real events and several countries are still frightfully close to this type of patriarchial rule. Some practice female genital mutilation for the sake of oppression, don't allow women to drive, to vote, play sports, or publish books. These atrocities are currently happening to women, they are not science fiction, or dystopian novel concepts, they are real. Is it possible the United

Raven Rousting Has Released!

Love Norse mythology, shifters, magic, and mayhem? I've got you covered.  Raven Rousting , the novella in my new Shifter Seeker series, has released! I still have a few spots on my review team, so if you are willing to leave a review on retail sites (Amazon in particular), you can join and receive the ebook for free! To join CLICK HERE. Here is a bit about it: Being the seeker of newly bitten, yet to turn werewolves, losing their battle with madness didn’t come with a manual. At least none that Sonya Michaelson, the first seeker in three hundred years, is given access to. It's apparently her Norse goddess bestowed mission to help the troubled werewolves in danger of losing their battle with madness and becoming mindless killers before their first shift. But how she's supposed to find them, she has no clue. It's not exactly something people blast on social media. So, fed up and out of options, she turns to a Norse witch. But after a trip to the astral plane and a weird r