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Beating Writer's Block

Everywhere I find writers I find them talking about how to break through writers block. At first I thought, I'm a freak, I don't get writers block. I thought maybe it was like some sneaky ailment that was hiding in the shadows waiting for the right moment to pounce. I figured I would get it someday, I just didn't think I had. Well I had, I just didn't know it. I was stuck on a point in my book the other day that needed something more, I just didn't know what. So I went and brainstormed with a friend of mine who is interested in the story. Presto, we came up with that something that was missing. One friend or another always helps me talk it out and figure out what the story needs. When I don't have access to a friend, I take a walk, go ride my horse, or contemplate the story while in the shower (which oddly works wonders). These methods relax me and get the creative side of my mind working. One of the best suggestions I can give to those who get writers block

Happy Independence Day

© McCorkle Creations For all of my American friends out there enjoying a barbecue, apple pie, or fireworks today, I invite you to raise a glass of whatever you are drinking to the true reason for the celebration.  239 years ago, the Declaration of Independence (prepared by a committee of five men~sorry ladies, no equality back then~and drafted by Thomas Jefferson) was adopted on this day, granting us the freedoms we now enjoy, chief among them was our independence from the British Empire (two days prior, the Second Continental Congress voted to approve a resolution of independence that had been proposed in June by Richard Henry Lee). Ever a work in progress, it is not perfect, but it's ours, and it keeps us free.  Have a safe and happy celebration!