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Recommended Reading Order

The recommended reading order for my books is as follows (and I really do recommend reading them in order because of timelines and world building elements): The Children of Fenrir Series: Bitten & Beholden Clawed & Cornered (though it is a prequel novella to B&B, it will be more impactful once you know the characters ;)  Tempered & Turned Bared & Betrayed Holiday Hunting (novella Coming this November!) The Shifter Seeker Series: Raven Rousting (novella) Coyote Calling I also have a YA urban fantasy series! Channeler Series: The Secret of Spruce Knoll Channeler's Choice Rise of a Rector To Ride a Puca If you've read any of my books, I would be eternally greatful for a review on Amazon or other retail sites. Reviews help an author so, so much! Short and sweet is all that's needed. Truly, a sentence or two is fantastic. Anything under fifty reviews means I can't advertise with certain advertisers who can really help sales. :( 

Gatekeeping Advertisers in Publishing?

Reviews are important, vital to authors. No doubt you've heard this many times if you follow authors on social media of any kind. But just how true is that? Sadly, it's very true.  As an indie author, I get to see just how true. Advertising is a vital part of selling books. Many places an author can advertise that are medium to large sized fish in the sea, require a minimum amount of reviews on Amazon before they will even allow a publisher or indie author to submit to them for advertising. Yep, you read that right, there are gatekeepers even in the advertising field of publishing.  Even if we put aside hundreds, or thousands of dollars for advertising, we cannot get many of the medium to large advertisers to work with us if our books don't have enough reviews. 50 reviews is often the starting point an author must have on their book before these advertisers will even accept their submissions. There are currently three proven advertisers I'd love to advertise my books wi