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Latest Manuscript: Finished!

It never grows old, that feeling of overwhelming relief and accomplishment that comes with finishing a manuscript. This week I wrote the last words on novel number ten and the rush is still just as powerful. I will be celebrating this weekend because regardless of what happens with it, I have grown so much as a writer just with the writing of it. Woo hoo! How about you writers out there? Do you feel the rush each time? And at what point in the process from creation, to writing, to editing, to polishing, does it hit you?

Duty Before Desire Has a New Home

After a long journey, my civil war novel has finally found a home~again! After signing with  Samhain publishing , who unfortunately closed their doors shortly there-after, I had my doubts that this historical novel about a nurse in the civil war and the soldier she saves would find another home. But it happened! Lyrical press , a division of Kensington (a publisher whose books I have loved for a very long time), signed this novel and...