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Honoring a Witch's Heart released!

Honoring a Witch's Heart is out in the world today! The paperback version is shown on the left, and the hardback version is shown on the right. For collectors: The hardback version sold on Amazon does not have a dust jacket, the image below is printed right on the book. The hardback version on B&N has a dust jacket with no printing directly on the book cover itself. Buy links below! Here are a few links, but you should find it on all your favorite retail sites: Amazon and B&N   It is a historical fantasy about the fae descendants during the civil war in America!  Author's Note: Honoring a Witch's Heart, a historical fantasy about fae descendants, started it's life as Honor Before Heart, a historical romance with no magic or fantasy elements in it. When the idea for the novel hit me, my literary agent at the time convinced me to write it as a historical romance instead of a historical fantasy because they said a historical fantasy was too much of a genre mashup