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Review Team Members Needed!

How does a no time limit, no must-love, & no minimum follower requirements review team sound?  If you like urban fantasy with Norse elements, strong female main characters, and shifters, I'd love for you to join my review team.  So what do I ask of my review team members? That you review on Amazon (because it helps my sales tremendously!) That you do your best to review the book before the next one comes out. Can't do it? That's okay! I'll just wait to send the next one to you until you can review the prior.  But what if you didn't like it?  That's okay too! Not every book is for every reader. And even if you like some of my books, you may not like them all. If this happens and you aren't comfortable leaving a review, but still want to receive the next book, or a book of mine in a different series, that's perfectly fine. Just let me know the book wasn't for you and you would rather not leave a review, and we're golden.  Sounds great. I'm