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The Writer's Road

Writer's Resolutions 2011

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Monday's Muse~Dark Forest

A Storyteller's Holiday

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Monday's Muse~Festive Spirit

Book Giveaways Galore

My 2010 Writer's Resolutions

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Monday's Muse~Enchanting Encounter

2011 Debut Authors

Twitter Tuesday~Agent & Publishing Advice

December's Debut Author~Saundra Mitchell

Twitter Tuesday~Agent Advice, Networking, & Supporting

Monday's Muse~NaNoWriMo

A Writer's Thanksgiving

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Monday's Muse~Main Character Inspiration

In My Mailbox This November

Being Prepared For The Call

Twitter Tuesday~Submission Call, Conferences, Agent Advice

Monday's Muse~Main Character Interest

Make Each Grain Count

Twitter Tuesday~WriteOnCon & Harlequin

Monday's Muse~Foggy Forest

November's Debut Author~Kitty Keswick

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Monday's Muse~Black Horse

Don't Burn Bridges

Twitter Tuesday~Agent & Editor Advice

The Reality Of Author Advances

Manuscript Request Etiquette

Twitter Tuesday~Writer's Cruise, Agent Critique, & WriteOnCon

Monday's Muse~Giant's Causeway

Digging Deep For Character Motivation