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Writers Road Recap: Putting the Punch in Action

Last week we chatted about putting the punch in your action scenes. Here is an abbreviated recap: Heather McCorkle   @ HeatherMcCorkle For some, action scenes can be tough to write, but they don't have to be. # WritersRoad Heather McCorkle   @ HeatherMcCorkle Action scenes are all about pacing, keeping it going, but still giving the reader time to breathe and absorb. # WritersRoad TS Tate (Tee)   @ teetate @ HeatherMcCorkle So. That awkward moment when you do a search in your ms and find a billion uses of ONE word. pfft # WritersRoad Matthew Wilbur   @ Nightveil @ HeatherMcCorkle The best action scenes I've read have had a mix of short and long sentences. Short ones for the action... # WritersRoad Heather McCorkle   @ HeatherMcCorkle Short, punchy sentences are great for keeping the pace going during action scenes. # WritersRoad Just don't over do them. Matthew Wilbur   @ Nightveil @ HeatherMcCorkle ...and longer

Writers Road Chat Recap: Approaching Editors

Heather McCorkle   @ HeatherMcCorkle There are 2 types of editors you may approach in your career, freelance and publishing house editors. Each approach differs # WritersRoad Heather McCorkle   @ HeatherMcCorkle In today's incredibly tough market, you need every advantage you can get. Freelance editors can give you that. # WritersRoad Heather McCorkle   @ HeatherMcCorkle Freelance editors can help you tighten your work and prepare it so it stands out in a good way. # WritersRoad Ebony McKenna author   @ EbonyMcKenna I'm using a freelance editor for the next two novels. No matter how good I think I am, I can't do it alone. # writersroad Heather McCorkle   @ HeatherMcCorkle And you can use the experience to learn and improve your writing for the future as well. # WritersRoad Allison Duke   @ AllisonDuke HeatherMcCorkle But only if they're good. How do you know if they are? # writersroad Heather McCorkle   @ HeatherMcCorkle Cho