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Writer's Road Recap: Ideas to Words

Here is an abbreviated recap of last week's #WritersRoad chat on getting your idea into words:  Heather McCorkle   The best way I've found to tackle the block of idea into words is to have a plan, a direction that I know the story is going. #WritersRoad Heather McCorkle   I used to hate writing outlines but now I love them. They help me get the idea into words. Never thought I'd say that! #WritersRoad Lori Prima   to  @HeatherMcCorkle I like to sketch out any fragments of scenes or dialogue when I first am working on a new idea #writersroad TS Tate (Tee)   to  @HeatherMcCorkle I actually wrote a new one today. I love them. Make me really think about where I'm going. #writersroad Heather McCorkle   to  @teetate Me too. Outlines help me focus and keep me going when I would otherwise stop. #WritersRoad TS Tate (Tee)   I the most important factor in getting the job done, is doing the work. Don't let the idea linger, WRITE IT. #writersroad Matthew Wilbur   I do th

Book Review: THREE by Jay Posey

Run, don't walk, or click like you've never clicked before, to get this novel. Well okay, wait, first read on to make sure it's for you.            Amazon  /  B&N   A book does not easily earn five stars from me. It has to be blow-me-away fantastic, and this book was definitely that. THREE by Jay Posey is a sci-fi/dystopian novel that must not be missed. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. This is one of the most forward-thinking novels I've read in a long time. It kept me desperately guessing, almost painfully curious, as it slowly revealed its marvels. Three's is a dystopian world like none other, and Three himself is one of the most intriguing characters I've come across, with a depth that many lack now days. More science fiction than dystopian (fantasy), this novel delivers a shocking view of what could be. It's more than a must read, it's a must recommend. I will buy this in hardback for my collection of outstanding books if it is availa

Writer's Road ReCap: Problem Solving 7/22

An abbreviated recap of the frist Writer's Road chat on problem solving in which our chatters are invited to bring their writing or publishing related problems for open discussion (the Writer's Road chat occurs every Monday at 6pm PT using on Twitter using Tweetchat with the hashtag #WritersRoad): Kurt Bali   Motivation. Writing when the spirit's down. RT @teetate : So who among us has a writing issue they need help with? Let us know! #writersroad Heather McCorkle    @KurtBali Lack of motivation, a huge problem for many! Brainstorming with friends always words great for me. #WritersRoad TS Tate (Tee)   to  @KurtBali I'm sure others will have something to say on this, but for me the only answer is butt in the chair & do it #writersroad Krissi Dallas   to  @teetate Yes. Butt. Chair. WRITE. I've learned if I'm stuck for long, there's a major issue in the story that needs resolving! #writersroad TS Tate (Tee)   a bit like deciding if you want

A Home Base

At long last, I have a website! I've been flitting around the internet homeless for so long that I've gotten used to the whole free spirit thing. But it has its disadvantages and I finally caved and created a site that I can call home. It's a place for news, updates, and of course anything and everything about my books, without all the other fluff. My 'Events' and 'Contact Me', pages have moved there. I'd love for you to visit me there! Click on this link to check it out. And be sure to go back regularly for news!

#WritersRoad Recap: Author Branding

An abbreviated recap of the Writer's Road chat on Twitter (using Tweetdeck with the hashtag #WritersRoad) on author branding: Heather McCorkle   Branding is a mysterious thing to many, though at its core it's quite simple because it is about the 'core' of your writing. #WritersRoad A llison Duke   @HeatherMcCorkle Oh totally. So when we talk branding, is it a marketing thing or something else? #WritersRoad Heather McCorkle   to  @AllisonDuke A little marketing, a little bit of who you are and what your writing is all about. Basically, know they self. #WritersRoad TS Tate (Tee)   to  @HeatherMcCorkle  and  @AllisonDuke What do you think is the single most important aspect to branding? #writersroad Heather McCorkle   Branding doesn't mean you always have to write one genre, or one way. It isn't about that. It's about what moves you deeply. #WritersRoad Heather McCorkle   to @teetate Being true to yourself and your writing. #WritersRoad All

Finally Available in the United States...

I'm beyond excited that Ebony McKenna has finally been able to release The Summer of Shambles in the United States, and with such an amazing cover! Of course I loved the cover her UK publisher Egmont made for her, but this US cover really fits the book quite well. If you haven't read Ebony's books yet, you are in for a treat. It's a hilarious paranormal that's totally unpredictable with quirky characters that you will instantly love. I haven't had this much fun reading a book in a long time. I literally laughed out loud! If you enjoyed The Princess Bride or Ella Enchanted then this book is one you must read. Dare I say, in many ways I think it even out-shined those. This novel has the perfect mixture of magic, fun, and romance. Ebony made me a fan for life with this book. I'd recommend it for anyone who enjoys quirky characters and unique paranormal, adult and young adult alike. LOVED it! Amazon  /  B&N  You can find Ebony at:  Website / Tw

Book Review: Mist by Susan Krinard

I'm a bit ashamed to say that I had no idea who Susan Krinard was, so when I chose this the fact that it boasted she was a NYT Bestseller bore no weight with me. I chose it because of this bit of description toward the end of its synopsis online: Mist’s normal world is falling apart. But thankfully, Mist isn’t quite so normal herself. She’s a Valkyrie, and she’s going to need all her skill to thwart Loki’s schemes and save modern Earth from the ravages of a battle of the gods. A Valkyrie in modern day San Francisco, how could I resist? And I'm glad I didn't because there was a lot to love about this book. It started out several hundred years before, which though I loved this part, the book could have done without. It bore no weight on the rest of the story. I kept waiting for it to but it just didn't. There is a lot of Norse mythology woven throughout (and admittedly sometimes 'info dumped') and as a fan of Norse mythology, I really enjoyed that part. Many

Writer's Road Recap: Setting

Here is an abbreviated recap of last week's live Writer's Road chat on Setting. Join us tonight for another great, often trending, chat on Twitter! Heather McCorkle   Many novels that resonate with readers do so because they make them feel as if they are THERE. That is what we must strive for. # WritersRoad Chris Ledbetter    to  @ HeatherMcCorkle One of my favorite techniques is to pack as many of the five senses as I can into the scene. # writersroad Heather McCorkle    to  @ Chris_Ledbetter Me too! The senses are what it's all about. # WritersRoad Krissi Dallas     The key to writing a powerful setting is for the writer to 1st visualize & KNOW it in all its sensory glory BEFORE composing. # writersroad Tina Moss   I love envisioning my writing like a movie scene. Helps to capture the details. # writersroad Heather McCorkle     Bring your settings alive. Know the season and use it to its full advantage; scents, colors, tastes,