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Writing, Revising, and More of the Same

Have no fear, my absence from social media has not been without fruit. But I've missed you all, oh how I have missed you! Determined to take this year by storm, I have been working my rear off (literally in some cases as I have started a serious workout regiment. Well, okay, serious for me. But it's paying off, so that's what matters!).  What type of fruit you may wonder? Then there are those of you wondering how we went from my derriere to fruit. Hang in there, we'll get back on track. You may have noticed my blog/site is now a .com, yay!!! It took no small amount of sacrificial locks of my hair and sanity to accomplish, but it is done! My website and blog are now connected. Whew. To anyone who has ever had to do this, I raise a glass.  In the writing arena: Two manuscripts are currently in my agents hands, one of which is hopefully a final draft after three of their fabulous critiques and re-writes (cross your fingers for that one peeps!), the second manusc