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The Shifter Seeker Series So Far

The latest in my Shifter Seeker series it out in the world! Because of that, I've been asked by a few people what is the best order to read it in. Here is that answer, and the reason why you don't actually have to read the "1st" one first.  This series starts with a holiday novella, Holiday Hunting. I wrote this after finishing the Children of Fenrir series (which the Shifter Seeker series is based on) as a bit of a bridge, and as a "holiday episode" sort of story. While it if fun, spicy, and give the reader a look into some Icelandic holiday traditions, it is not necessary to read it to understand the Shifter Seeker books that come after it, or the Children of Fenrir books that come before it. But when you're looking for a holiday read with werewolves and Norse mythology, I hope you'll check it out! Grab it at: Amazon B&N And please, for the love of exposure and sales, leave me a review if you do read it and enjoy it! ;) It is woefully low on re

Tiger Tracking is Out!

The next full length novel in my Shifter Seeker series, Tiger Tracking, is out! It is available at all online retailers. Here are a few links for you where you can grab it: Amazon B&N Kobo Apple And here is a bit about it:  The children of Fenrir aren't the only shifters rising. Despite being a newly bitten werewolf, as the seeker of shifterkind, Sonya thought for a hot minute she'd come close to seeing it all. Until she came across Jin, a tiger shifter on the run from a gang of grizzly shifters. Taking him in will mean bringing a lot of heat onto her friends, but she can't turn away a supernatural in need of help. Mixing canines and felines proves challenging when he meets her group of misfits—werewolves and coyote shifters—not to mention her boyfriend. And then there's the problem of her reaper best friend... But all those issues fall to the side as the Grizzly Gang descends on her found family in search of not just a rare tiger shifter, but this one in particular