You've reached my trigger/content warning page where I list out the things in my novels that might be triggers for some readers. Why am I putting it here instead of in the books themselves? Because the Zon (Ama-you-know-who) has bots that check for trigger words in novels and then they flag those novels, take them off sale, and make the author and/or publisher go through some seriously crazy hoops to get said novels back on sale. So, my publisher has wisely advised this is the better course of action. 

First, please know that my novels listed below are for adults only, and all have emotional tension, at least mild violence, and hardships. 

The Children of Fenrir & Shifter Seeker Series:
Make-out session turned into being bitten by a werewolf.
Violence (fighting for survival and dominance, killing)
Abduction (brief)
Past physical child abuse (It is not on page, only talked about as it happened to the character when she lived at home. No rape or incest, only sibling physical abuse and parental mental and physical abuse.). This is dealt with mostly in the way that she is growing, coming into her own after having endured it. 
Death of loved one (Several characters are grieving over the death of their alpha.). 
Animal deaths (It is not shown on the page, but the aftermath is encountered: wolves, cows.). 

The Emerald Witches Series:
War (American Civil War: death, dying, suffering, etc.. It is not overly shown, and certainly not for shock factor, but the realities of it are not shied away from.)
Menacing (Attempts to pressure by use of emotional blackmail into marriage.)
Sexism against women (Mildly addressed as a nurse not taken seriously in the 1800's.)
Witch persecution (Mentioned in the past, not shown on the page.)

Since triggers vary vastly for different people, this is not to be considered an all-inclusive list. I have done my best to protect sensitive readers by listing the items I feel may be issues for someone, but there is a chance I may have missed something because it wouldn't be a trigger for me, so I didn't think of it. Please read the description of my novels before purchasing and reading to help identify any other possible things that may trigger you. 

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