Happy May Day!

This day has been celebrated as many things over the centuries: the Festival of Flora in honor of the  Roman goddess of flowers, Beltane the festival of fertility (now you know what dancing around the May pole signifies ;), and the German festival of Walpurgis Night (night of the witches' meeting). But far more recently it has been celebrated as the coming of spring and in many cultures flowers are left at the doorstep of women. So I offer to you these flowers, a photo I took while in Chelan Washington last year. Happy spring!


  1. Happy May Day, Heather. Those are some beautiful flowers. I was doing some reading on May Day myself recently because I was curious. I found it very interesting.

    1. I'm glad you like them A.M.! The garden at this place was HUGE. May Day is an interesting holiday, as are all those that surround it.


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