The Difference Between Wanting It, And Earning It

How bad do you want to see your name on the spine of a book, or read it on the New York Times Bestseller list? Any aspiring author can answer that question, 'more than anything!' But contrary to popular belief, it doesn't come down to how bad you want it or chances are it would have already happened. Unfortunately, it comes down to something much harder and much more complicated. Are you willing to earn it? The difference between wanting it and earning it can lead to publication.

So how do you earn it? First, never stop working on your writing. Improve it every chance you get. Attend conferences, seminars, retreats, book fairs, college classes, do whatever it takes. If you want writing to be your career you have to approach it that way. Anyone can write a novel. It takes dedication and hard work to get one published. The economy is in a rough state and no doubt so are your finances. If you can't afford classes, glean what knowledge you can from others who've attended them. The most important thing is to keep improving, keep moving your writing to the next level. If you can do that, then eventually, you will have earned it.

Best of luck!


  1. Thank you! With the industry struggling so much now we have to work that much harder. Wanting it certainly helps, but we have to be willing to go after it!


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