Book Review: Full-Blood Half-Breed

I picked this book out because I love martial arts and the description led me to believe this was going to be an outstanding adult book featuring martial arts. Unfortunately I let those beliefs overlook the strong religious undertones in the remainder of the description of the book. This was far more about corrupt religion than it was about martial arts. That said, it is neither the publisher nor the author's fault that I overlooked this part of the synopsis. So, I will do my review based on the book, not the content. For the writing, world building, and character development, it earns a solid four stars.

The world building was thorough and believable with an excellent balance of dialogue, action, and character building. The characters were very well developed, though I didn't like how Paladin came across as the spoiled, naive teenager. That said, I still liked Paladin, I just wasn't expecting such a young adult feel to the novel as it was presented as a violent, adult fantasy novel in the description. The dual points of view between Paladin and Fox, the antagonist, were brilliantly done. At times I sympathized with Fox and understood him~almost, which is excellent considering how dark of a character he is.

If you don't mind strong religious overtones about corrupt factions in your fantasy, then I would recommend this for it is very well written.


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