Getting Inspired by a Writer's Retreat

Writing used to be a lonely thing, but with social media now writers are connected through many different avenues. Yet, seeing one another in person is still something many of us don't get to do. But with social media, is it even necessary you might wonder? I definitely think it is.

A friend of mine and I got together recently for a writer's retreat weekend and had a fantastic time. We read chapters to each other, brainstormed, and of course spent time writing. It helped me make a leap forward in editing the book I was working on and also inspired a few brand new ideas for the next books I want to write.

If you're a writer I highly recommend finding a great group of critique partners or at least one beta to connect with and get together with in person. Even if you aren't in the same state, so long as you can travel to see one another for a long weekend once a year or so, it could make a huge difference in your writing life.

Need help finding them? On my right sidebar there are a few links to help you connect with other writers, and there is always the live #WritersRoad chat that I host on Twitter every other Monday night. Choose carefully and read each others work and give feedback before deciding to become each other's crit groups or betas to make sure your expectations and styles of critiquing are compatible.


  1. I am so sorry I missed your retreat!!! I cannot agree with you more how important this process is. It helps in so many ways. I was so close. And... one day I will tell you the image of "child proof" ... I was thinking sharp corners and breakables. Actually... Miles the 4 year old would have had fun, :)

    1. We missed you for sure. Miles would have had us running around with our heads cut off for sure, lol!


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