Joining the 17 Scribes

One of the first things the industry advises debut authors to do is join a group of authors. Having co-moderated the Writer's Road chat and brought writers together for years, I couldn't agree with this more. After all, it takes a tribe to make a book successful just as it takes a village to raise a child, so to speak. As soon as I knew I was going to sign a pub deal, I started looking for a great group. Authors are very welcoming and supportive by nature so I thought it would be easy. Unfortunately, I was really wrong. While there are a LOT of groups out there for young adult and middle grade authors, groups for those who write for adults are very, very hard to find.

When I had pretty much given up hope, one found me. And not just any group, but a fantastic group. From contemporary, to fantasy, to historical, and thrillers, this group has it all. This fabulous group includes authors published by small houses and the Big 5. I love their diversity, their enthusiasm, and support of one another. Thank you so much to my brother and sister scribes for bringing me into the fold! And if you're looking for a great book by a fresh, new author in 2017, I highly recommend checking out the 17 Scribes.


  1. Heather, that's great!! I am so glad you found a group!! Hope we can catch up soon.

    1. Thanks, Karlene! We definitely need to. Would love to catch up with you at a conference soon. Do you get to go to them anymore?


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