Recommended Reading Order

The recommended reading order for my books is as follows (and I really do recommend reading them in order because of timelines and world building elements):

The Children of Fenrir Series:
Clawed & Cornered (though it is a prequel novella to B&B, it will be more impactful once you know the characters ;) 

Holiday Hunting (novella Coming this November!)

The Shifter Seeker Series:
Raven Rousting (novella)

I also have a YA urban fantasy series!
Channeler Series:

If you've read any of my books, I would be eternally greatful for a review on Amazon or other retail sites. Reviews help an author so, so much! Short and sweet is all that's needed. Truly, a sentence or two is fantastic. Anything under fifty reviews means I can't advertise with certain advertisers who can really help sales. :( 


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