Holiday Hunting is Coming

Looking for a spicy holiday read? Love urban fantasy based on Norse mythology with shifters? I have you covered. 

Holiday Hunting is up for pre-order and releases in a few days! Grab it HERE. A bit about it:

Sleighbells are ringing and the snow is falling in Hemlock Hollow, Montana, but Sonya Michaelson is off saving newly bitten werewolves from losing their minds during their first change. 

That is until she has to prepare the house for the visit of the werewolf parents of her hot professor boyfriend. Between that and holiday shopping with her best friend, the reaper of shifterkind, she will have her hands full. 

Can she pull off the perfect, Jólabókaflóðið, the Icelandic tradition of gifting books, for her boyfriend and his Icelandic parents, or will all her careful plans unravel? 

A few of you may have read the short story I had published last November in volume 1 of the Magic Beneath the Mistletoe anthology titled Dared & Decorated. If you did, and enjoyed it, you are in for a treat. If you didn't read it and love holiday themed stories, then you are in for a treat too! After the publisher gave our rights to our stories back, I rewrote the short, doubling it's length and turning it into a novella! This is that novella, now titled Holiday Hunting.


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