Escorting a Witch is Available!

The new book in my Emerald Witches series about fae descended women making their way in America during and after the Civil War is out today! Find it on: 


And here is a bit about it: 

The Second Rule of faekind is to never reveal your nature to those outside the supernatural community.

Still reeling from the war, and with a secret to hide that would get him hunted down and kiled like an animal, Patrick Fergusson wants nothing more than to travel the states, living free of the confines of societal expectations. As a guide taking people west, he gets to do exactly that. But when he agrees to do a friend a favor and escort her newly widowed sister-in-law to California, Rick is in for the challenge of his life.

Newly widowed, though not exactly in mourning, Catriona O’Brian seizes the opportunity to claim the land in California that her late husband purchased. She has always wanted to have a farm filled with the animals her magic allows her to communicate with, and the stuffy ladies of high society New York won't exactly miss her. Though Cat is reluctant to travel alone with a man across the wilds of the United States, she trusts her sister-in-law’s confidence in him, and her connection to animals to keep her safe. Trusting him is another matter.

​​​​​​​Unable to wait for the railroad to be completed, they set out on a dangerous ride across the country. Between a cattle baron who will stop at nothing to keep them from completing the journey, the elements, and the wildlife, they'll be lucky if they make it to California at all, let alone on time. 


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