Monday's Muse

I'm not really sure if these are Mayan ruins or Aztec but what really matters is they inspired me this week! With all these pics of Mayan ruins you'd think I was writing a novelization of the 2012 movie, but nope, not even close. Some of the strangest things inspire me at times. Like Credence Clearwater Revival's Run Through The Jungle. Yet, I'm not writing about the Vietnam War either. The mind is a funny thing.

I know that since this is the last Monday of the month I usually highlight the books I've read this month, but I'm ashamed to say, I haven't got through one this month. It's no fault of the book's I'm sure, just that I've been focused so hard on writing that I haven't read much at all. I'll be better next month, I promise.

What inspires you and gets your muse working? Photos, music, books, movies, or TV shows? I'm curious.


  1. All really. Probably movies least of all because so many movies and TV shows are more contemporary and I write hsitorical, but I do enjoy romance in any time period!

  2. So true. We need more historical romance movies!


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