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This Twitter Tuesday post is about one of the most energetic and uplifting aspiring writers I've met in a long time. I first met Lindsey on a website for writers to network with each other and share their experiences. We kind of took the Twitter plunge at the same time.

Lindsey is a historical romance writer who, like me, is sharing her writing journey via her blog and Twitter. I've got many great tips from her about all things publishing. More than that though, Lindsey has been there to help keep me motivated and going. Chances are if I'm looking for an answer to a question about the publishing industry Lindsey either knows it or knows where to find out!

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Lindsey this summer when we both attended the Hawaii Writer's Conference in Honolulu Hawaii. I didn't think it could be possible, but she is even more fun in person! It crushes me that we live states away from each other. However, through Twitter we keep connected every day. It's almost like sitting down and having a cup of coffee together every morning.

You can find Lindsey on Twitter at
Or check out her blog here:


  1. I knew I found a lifelong writing buddy when I met you. I found your site and was awed by the posts you had up on AuthorNation. We were of the same mind, you an I. I am also saddened that we live so far apart, but hopefully soon we will meet up again at another conference (or at a book signing!). You inspire me, g/f!
    I know you will go far and soon I will be seeing your awesome books on the shelf, hopefully not too far from my own!

  2. Your books will be just around the corner and down the next aisle from mine. As amazing as your writing is, it's only a matter of time before an agent snatches you up! We'll definately keep in touch. I'm thinking a double debut tour. . .


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