Twitter Tuesday~Eisley Jacobs

This week's Twitter Tuesday featured writer is a very special lady, Eisley Jacobs. There is a nice little tip on her website telling how to pronounce it, of which I was very grateful for since I had no idea! She is one of those rare souls that is so pure and inspiring that you're instantly drawn to her. Her tweets and blog posts almost always make me smile and definitely always evoke some kind of emotion. Eisley is a young adult and middle grade fantasy writer. She's currently on the prowl for representation and with her positive outlook, dedication, and faith I have no doubt she'll land an agent very soon. In fact, one is looking at her work now...

Eisley's blog is full of great advice and a generous helping of fun. She even reviews the occasional book and I look forward to hearing her honest opinion. This is one writer you don't want to miss connecting with. Be sure to look her up before she's famous! Which will no doubt be very soon.

Check out Eisley's website and blog here:
And you can find her on Twitter here:


  1. Just checked out her blog! Thanks for introducing another great writer!

  2. You're welcome! And thank you Lisa for checking her blog out. You'll love her. She's one of the sweetest ladies I've ever met.

  3. Love the new blog look! Look forward to checking out Eisley's links. :)

  4. Heather, thanks for bringing Eisley Jacobs to our attention. Loved her blog!

  5. Eisley's a great inspiration as a writer and a mom :-) I always enjoy her tweets.

  6. Thanks Samantha! Me too. The new look just feels right.

    You're very welcome Julie, you'll love her! See, Portia is already in the know. ;)


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