Monday's Muse~Orion Nebula

My new main character loves astronomy which is awesome because it means I had the chance to research it, learn more about it, and find awesome pictures. This one is a photo of the Orion Nebula from Hubble. You'll be seeing a lot of these as I write this novel! Her love of astronomy was a surprise that developed as I was getting to know her and start to form the outline of the story. I love it when that happens, it's one of my favorite parts of the writing process. As of today I have 4,000 words on this new novel!

I'm still reading Paul Of Dune because like many Dune novels it is MASSIVE, but well worth the time. There is a lot of character development in this one and that's exactly what I need to read right now. Next up is POPULAR by Alissa Grosso and I'm really looking forward to it (and not just because she's a friend of mine!).

Music for this novel is still eluding me. This weekend though I'm going to sit down and try to come up with a playlist. Since it's steampunk (though some are telling me it's cyberpunk~which makes me realize I MUST research the difference!) and my character is spunky I'm looking for something a bit edgy and wild. Suggestions are welcome! What inspired you last week?


  1. Heather, I love how your characters throw you off a cliff into the deep blue water (or in this case the vast universe). It's more like a beautiful dive than sink or swim, but either way you have to go deep. Awesome.

  2. Ohhh! I love steampunk/cyberpunk! I'm not sure if the story's set in modern times, but the soundtrack from Tron Legacy is very techno and edgy.

    Good luck with the drafting! Sounds like you're moving right along!

  3. Heather, I love this photo! And I, too, am in search of "your" music. I will find it today! Also... one of my pilots... at our weekend events, "Tom" you see his comments on Flight to Success, is the Astronomer of all! The stories he told me and his passion, I jokingly said, "You must have stars painted in your room and a bedspread with planets." I think he said, "Yes." lol. And one of my Friday Flyers is an Astronomer too. When you're ready for some contacts to brain storm the outer limits... let me know.
    Congratulations on your 4000 words!!!!

  4. Linda, very well put! That's exactly how it feels! A deep adventure of mind and spirit.

    Jamie, thanks for the heads up on the soundtrack. I'll check it out!

    Karlene, that's excellent! It sounds like I need to hang out with your pilot friends!

  5. Wow, I just tired to post a comment, and it was wiped out.

    Anyway, I love the picture. HOpe you get the music thing figured out.

    I refurred to Wikipidia to look up the difference in the differences in cyperpunbk and steampunk. I thought that they had a lot of information there.

    And good for you getting so much done!

  6. Gorgeous picture! I love when characters surprise us. It's even better when we can learn something new through their interests!

  7. Ooh, you know that I loves this picture. Beautiful. You are going to have so much fun researching. :)

  8. Lovely photo! Good luck with the new character!

  9. Lorelei, that's funny, I just looked it up too! It seems I may be writing cyberpunk after all.

    Tina, it really is! That's part of what I love about getting to know my characters.

    Karen, I knew you would! Just wait and see what I have in store for future muses!

  10. As always, lovely pic. And I think it's awesome that you have a character who loves those things! My mom does, you know? ;) And I think that tells a lot of her way of being.

  11. Julie, thank you!

    Monica, that's awesome! I didn't know your mom loved astronomy, how cool!


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