Twitter Tuesday~Book Giveaways, Industry Advice, And WriteOnCon

Get your clicking finger ready because I've got a great list for you today! This first one is from Jane Friedman of Writer's Digest on questions about writing and publishing:
@JaneFriedman My latest Q&A on writing & publishing with @ShariLopatin:

If you've ever wondered (or hopefully are getting close) what to ask when you get the Agent's Call for representation, agent Vickie Motter lays it out nicely for you here:
@Vickie_Motter The Call and questions you should ask the offering agent. Also, share your own Call story:

If you're getting ready to pitch or query don't miss this one. Agent Natalie Fischer gives us a great review of her workshop on writing the perfect hook:
@ Natalie_Fischer As promised, a review of my workshop: how to write the perfect hook:  #ppwc11 #amwriting #askagent

Agent Weronika Janczuk brings us this tweet that clarifies doc vs. docx and why it's important:
@WeronikaJanczuk From lit agent Mary Kole: ".doc is not .docx" - › Why? Because Microsoft upgraded Word and wanted everyone...

Because I love Elana so much and YOU I wanted to give you this chance to get in on winning her debut novel:
@HeatherMcCorkle Want to win a signed copy of POSSESSION by @ElanaJohnson? You know you do!  Click link to enter. #writing

Agent Sara Megibow helps us with writer's platform:
@SaraMegibow Wow - awesome blog post "why your platform is growing slowly" at Savvy Authors:

Agent Kate McKean brings home the reality about marketing:
@kate_mckean Everyday I get a query that says "I tried to self-publish this, but I didn't have time to market it, so I want a traditional publisher now."
@kate_mckean Either way, traditional or self-publishing, you need to have time to help market your work.

Editor extraordinaire Molly O'Neill brings us this Tweet about the upcoming WritOnCon even this May (I'll be there and hope you will too!):
@molly_oneill Super excited for this (FREE!) #WriteOnCon event w/ @JoSVolpe & @michellelit! RT @ElanaJ TRIFECTA OF AWESOME, May 16:

Writer Lydia Kang is doing a great contest where you can win the book of your choice. Don't miss this one!
@HeatherMcCorkle Need a great book to read? Enter Lydia Kang's contest:  #WritersRoad #writing

Hopefully your clicking finger doesn't get cramped up clicking all those. ;)


  1. Heather, another Twitter Tuesday that tops them all! I opened all the links and bookmarked them! The hook, agent questions, contests... so wonderful! Thank you for shouting about the wonderful blogs via Twitter!

  2. You always post such useful stuff from Twitter!! :D I'll go tweet about it. He he he.

  3. Karlene, you're welcome! I'm glad you liked so many of them. :)

    Lisa, thank you!

  4. Oh you have a bunch here I didn't see. What would I do without you?

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  5. Best day of the week at the Odyssey! :-)

    Thanks, Heather.

  6. Angela, so glad I could help. ;)

    Shannon, your visits make my day!

  7. Once again, you have a great bunch here. I haven't seen a few of them. TY!!

  8. Awesome linkage! I fall behind on so much, so I appreciate it. :)

  9. Man oh man, you've got some perfect links for me. :D

  10. Okay, I can't remember if I just left a comment because I went off to check out some of the links.

    Awesome links as always, Heather. :D

  11. Wow, Heather,

    THESE ARE GREAT! I always amaze me. Thanks for the info.... I am playing catch up like crazy since I returned home.

    Thanks for the warm greetings, I really appreciated it.


  12. Ouch, my clicking finger is killing me! Love the Jane Friedman interview, though, so it's worth it. Great links--I've gotta go enter Lydia's contest. Thanks.

  13. Thanks for the shout out and the great links!

  14. Salarsen, you're very welcome! Glad I could catch some for you.

    Elana, I'm always happy to help you out!

    Stina, that's great!

  15. Michael, I'm glad I could help you catch up upon your return!

    Linda, lol! Sorry about that, sort of. So worth it though, you're right!

    Lydia, you're welcome my dear!

  16. Heather, more awesome stuff! I wondered about the .doc vs. .docx. I didn't realize how they were different. Thanks for all the great links.

  17. Wow, I'm loving this week's Twitter Tuesday! Lots of GREAT stuff. I always look forward to these posts. :)

  18. Yay! I love your Twitter Tuesdays posts, it's a wonderful way to see what I missed in the feed. I love Natalie's workshop she explains things so simply. Thanks for sharing! :D

  19. Julie, very different! A lot of operating systems can't read docx. I'm so glad I featured that one for you!

    Karen, thank you!

    Brenda, she really does! That was one of my favorites too!

  20. Click, click, click. Fantastic links, thank you so much!


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