Writer's Road Recap: Problem Solving 8/5

Last Monday was our bi-monthly chat on problem solving where our chatters bring their writing problems and we work together to solve them. Here is an abbreviated recap:

TS Tate (Tee)  to @HeatherMcCorkle My first chapter sucks. I have a wee little prologue, which I'm told is lovely, but the first bit? Yeah, meh #WritersRoad

Heather McCorkle  to @teetate Good one. Is it something that propels the novel forward? If not, maybe it could come later. #WritersRoad

Lori Prima  My writing problem: Advice needed on ways to stay motivated after the thrill of the new idea wears off. #WritersRoad

TS Tate (Tee)  to @HeatherMcCorkle Well, there is an incident that sets things in motion, but meh, I dunno. #WritersRoad

Heather McCorkle  to @Loriprima That's a tough one, but a good one to discuss! Are you a plotter or pantser? #WritersRoad

TS Tate (Tee)  to @HeatherMcCorkle Let me elaborate. The incident propels it forward, but I think how I've ended that chpt, is meh. #WritersRoad

Tina Moss  to @teetate @HeatherMcCorkle What would happen if you started with chapter 2? #writersroad

Heather McCorkle  to @teetate Perhaps the incident needs to change. #WritersRoad

Tina Moss  to @Loriprima Multiple projects seems to be my current answer. Although, I don't know if I'd advise it. #writersroad

Lori Prima  to @HeatherMcCorkle a hybrid. I do a rough outline a little after I start - maybe 7K in. #WritersRoad

TS Tate (Tee)  to @Tina_Moss @HeatherMcCorkle WELL the incident has a consequence. It brings 2 MCs together & opens up the conflict. #WritersRoad

A.M. Guynes  Is it bad to have a 2nd POV character show up later in the book? #writersroad

Heather McCorkle  @teetate to What @Tina_Moss said, or what would happen if you cut off the ending of that chapter?

A.M. Guynes  to @teetate Can you take that event and make it part of chapter 2? Which would make chapter 2 your 1st chapter? #writersroad

Darren Pardee  to @Loriprima Surprise yourself. If plot is planned, go off the path. If you're not thrilling you, you're not thrilling the reader #writersroad

Heather McCorkle  to @Loriprima You sound like me. Try character development sheets, and research for new material. Always inspires me. #WritersRoad

Tina Moss  to @annikkawoods Is her POV essential to the story? If so, keep. If not, cut. #writersroad

A.M. Guynes  to @Tina_Moss It's through her POV that you see the downfall of the other MC. So I kind of need her. #writersroad

Heather McCorkle  to @annikkawoods You need her, but you may not need 'her' POV. Can it be told from one of the other MC's POV's? #WritersRoad

Heather McCorkle  to @annikkawoods You may need to work a few chapters of her in earlier in that case. So long as they are integral to the story. #WritersRoad

Tina Moss  to @HeatherMcCorkle @annikkawoods What about telling that downward spiral through her own eyes? #writersroad

Matthew Wilbur  to @annikkawoods @HeatherMcCorkle Then switch POV as needed. As long as it isn't too jarring it shouldn't be a problem. #WritersRoad

J B Mills  to @Loriprima Something about writing with a group of people and having the month deadline helps me finish the draft. #writersroad

A.M. Guynes  to @Tina_Moss @HeatherMcCorkle He doesn't realize he's going insane so he hurts alot of people. She's there to pick up the pieces. #writersroad

J B Mills  to @jbeemills Whatever you do, don't write just the "fun" parts. I have a swiss cheese novel from 2009 I'll never finish now! #writersroad

Tina Moss  Last year I had strict writing schedule of 2 hours every night. Worked well for me. This year it hasn't. Lesson: be adaptable. #writersroad

TS Tate (Tee)  to @annikkawoods Then I'd agree w/ the dragon lady @HeatherMcCorkle try to work her in earlier so the switch isn't jarring. #WritersRoad

Tina Moss  Biggest problem on one WIP is I got 60k in and realized my plot is too complicated. Having trouble streamlining it. #writersroad

Tina Moss  to @Loriprima The problem is the mystery aspect that I find too complicated, opposed to any subplots. Think I overdid it. #writersroad

Heather McCorkle  to @Tina_Moss The question is, is it complicated or confusing? Complicated is ok, confusing, maybe not. #WritersRoad

Darren Pardee  to @Tina_Moss ...to the overall plot. If you cut it, maybe it will fit in another project. No murdered darling is ever truly dead. #writersroad

Tina Moss  to @Nightveil @d_pardee Basically, it's the mystery aspect. It's been building in layers, but feels like there's too many. #writersroad

Heather McCorkle  to @Tina_Moss Have you had a CP or beta read it yet? If so, what do they think? #WritersRoad

Tina Moss  to @HeatherMcCorkle Great question. I might be too close to it now. @Nightveil is right. I have to finish, then betas may decide. #writersroad

Matthew Wilbur  to @Tina_Moss @d_pardee Can you peel it away like an onion? I've found multi-layered plots work best like that. #WritersRoad

Tina Moss  to @Nightveil For sure. And it feels like building those last layers to get to punchline of the mystery might add to confusion. #writersroad

TS Tate (Tee)  to @Tina_Moss @Nightveil I had a plot, had scenes I wanted to get to so I just did it. It was hideous but the bones were good. #WritersRoad

Heather McCorkle  to @teetate Good bones make for an easier revision. #WritersRoad


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