Progress With Editing

Today I had an excellent phone call with my agent. Sounds like I've revised to his liking! Yay! Now I have to work on a cover letter to editors. Yikes. I'm thinking a root canal might be easier. But the good news is I'll have help from my agent. And I had an idea of where to start thanks to agent Kristin Nelson's blog. Check her out here: She posts letters to editors that she's written, among many other wonderful things. Just goes to show, an agent doesn't have to be your agent to help you.

With the basic idea in mind I wrote a rough draft based on what I read and the material that's in my query letter. So far it seems a query letter to an editor isn't much different from a query letter to an agent. Your trying to sell the same thing after all. We'll see what my agent says when he kicks the first draft back to me!

For those who need an extra boost of confidence in the recovering literary field, check this out. My last agent said manuscripts just don't go to auction any more. He said the state of the economy just didn't allow for it. My current agent doesn't agree and I'm excited about that. Apparently he isn't the only one. Here's a success story of two books that recently sold at auction: Things are looking good!


  1. That would be fantastic if your book was fodder for an auction! Good luck, glad to hear the chat with your agent went well!

  2. That would be amazing! At this point though I just hope at least one editor loves it as much as my agent does!


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