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Friday, October 30, 2009

Flash Friday On Twitter

I've discovered yet another great way to network on Twitter, or rather, it discovered me. Emma Newman started following me and I went to check out her Twitter page. Her bio said: writer of YA post-apocalyptic fiction by night, web content writer by day. I was intrigued. There was a lot of talk on her page about Flash Friday, which mentioned writers a lot. Even more intrigued. So I clicked on her link, which took me to a great page and an explanation.

First for non-Twitter users I'll have to explain what a hashtag is. When you're on Twitter's search page you can search trending topics either by words or the popular hashtag, which is basically just the words plus a # in front of them. Such as #flashfriday. Everyone who Twittered with the phrase #flashfriday will show up when you do the search. So what if flash Friday all about? Promoting your writing! Writers write a short story, Twitter the title, the link to the story, and the hashtag #flashfriday. Everyone who looks up #flashfriday and participates is encouraged to comment on the stories.

This is meant to help writers network, increase their followers/readers, and possibly attract agents and editors. You have to love an idea that's meant to do all that!

For more info on it check out Emma on Twitter:
Or check out her website:


  1. Oooh, thanks for the kind mention of me here :) The fridayflash movement is really exciting and a great community of enthusiastic and supportive writers - you are going to join us, aren't you?

    (Now I want to mime beckoning with both hands and saying "Join Usssss" in mock horror style. Must be the Halloween thing...)

  2. I feel oddly compelled. . . As if some powerful force is drawing me. Yes, yes I think I shall join you! LOL!

  3. Thanks for letting us know about flashyfriday. I might just participate in it.

  4. Excellent! I'll be looking for your stories!


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