Slaying A Titan

Fear is the titan we all must slay to be able to take the steps down the road to publication. It's around every corner and bend from critique partners to querying. Putting ourselves out there isn't easy. Our writing digs deep into most of us and exposes things nothing else can. Allowing others to read that can be hard. Some people write a book but can never bring themselves to allow a critique group to read it, let alone send it out to agents.

How do you slay the titan? There are two vital elements you must have.

1) Strap that armor on and arm yourself my friend. Your armor is those supportive people you choose to surround yourself with. My support comes from family but also from friends I've met at conferences, on Twitter, Facebook, and writer networks. Even if you don't have the support of your family you can find support in the online writer community.

2) Your weapon is your craft. Sharpen it, polish it, learn how to wield it properly. If you can't attend conferences, workshops, or retreats then buy books on the craft of writing, read (good) websites and blogs that talk about it.

After you've done all this there are still times when that titan will try to rise again. I'm agented, have a wonderful support system, have two different series out on submission and fear still rears its ugly head from time to time. It happens with every rejection. Those are the times that make your support group so vital because that's when they hold you up. Most importantly, never give up.

For more great info check out this blog post by Kate Monohan on 10 Things My Creative Writing MFA Taught Me NOT To Do #10 is the one that inspired me to write this.


  1. I'm getting ready to start the query process so your picture made me laugh--I saw the original Clash of the Titans at the drive-in with my parents when I was around ten!

  2. The artwork made me (quite literally) gasp. I've got to admit, I've been on a bit of a writing roller coaster recently, and your message today really hits home. I find myself thinking, "Come on, keep going, you're a fighter!"

    Thanks again for your message of support :-)


  3. Great post! Makes me want to RAWR and get working on my MS!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  4. I remember seeing the original too Kristi! My fingers are crossed for you, good luck during the query process!

  5. You're so welcome Portia! You're right, you are a fighter, you CAN do it!

  6. Excellent Angela! I love that, to work with you!

  7. Great post, Heather. Fear can get crippling at times. Lord knows I've allowed it get the best of me since I started down this road. If not with my writing, then with updating my blog. It's a tough emotion to conquer, but you give sound advice. Thank you for posting it.

    BTW -- loooove the Kraken : D (old and new version) You just made me want to see Clash of the Titans, again.


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