Twitter Tuesday~Agent Advice & WriteOnCon

I caught a lot of great advice on Twitter last week that I've been dying to share with you! This first one is an even that occurred yesterday and I hope those of you looking for an agent had a chance to attend! It is the first WriteOnCon event of the year!
@ElanaJ The January Live Event announcement is up. #WriteOnCon starts the New Year with Pippin!! #amwriting

Writer's Digest shares this advice with us on how to write a synopsis for a novel with multiple important characters:
@WritersDigest How to write a synopsis when you have a lot of characters:  #writing

Agent Vickie Motter gives us a bit of great advice on why it's a good idea to come up with a great title:
@Vickie_Motter Why your title can't suck:

Agent Weronika Janczuk gives us some excellent advice on signing with an agent:
@WeronikaJanczuk Advice on signing with an agent: .

Agent Ginger Clark let's us know about following up after submission:
@Ginger_Clark Authors: just had an author email me to confirm I have her MS--and I never got it via email. It is OK to follow up some weeks after subbing.

Agent Vickie Motter gives us a bit of advice on what she doesn't want to see in a query:
@Vickie_Motter #queries If one more person makes a joke about how their vampires don't sparkle, I might throw my laptop.

Agent Jennifer Laughran reminds us that we're under the public eye when submitting:
@literaticat When should authors on submission keep their traps shut? Well, almost always, actually.

My writer friend Jennifer Shirk gives us a great heads up on something to watch out for when submitting:
@JenniferShirk Best Solution Author Agency (or, Beware of Agent Solicitations)  #agenttip #writing

For anyone who had the chance to participate in the WriteOnCon chat I mentioned in the first tweet I'd love to hear about how it went! Unfortunately, I had to work. :( But knowing the wonderful ladies behind WriteOnCon (such as Elana!) I know there will be many more chances to catch some fantastic events this year!


  1. These are great links...loved the one by Jennifer about keeping your big mouth shut.

    Thanks for the round up. Very helpful.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  2. Great tweets chockful of goodness, Heather.

    I missed the WriteOnCon chat too but I do plan on reading the manuscript. Heard it was great one.

  3. You're welcome Raquel, thank you! Jennifer is a character and she pulls no punches.

  4. Karen, thanks I'm glad they were helpful! Bummer that we both missed the chat. Good idea on catching the transcript though!

  5. Thanks for doing all this leg work! Great tips!

  6. Thank you Heather! This is exactly what I need at my phase of writing. I'm using all the links, and soon will have an agent.

  7. Elle, you're welcome!

    Karlene, I'm so glad it's just what you needed. And yes, you will have an agent soon! I have no doubt!

  8. Ohh, one stop shopping! I love that! Thanks for letting us copy your homework : )

  9. You're welcome Gina! LOL! Any time!

  10. The one on “Why your title can't suck” sounds like a good one that I’m on my way to check out. As you know, I struggled for some time with finding a title for my book. I finally came up with something that 1) wasn’t already taken, 2), that fits with my genre and 3) that makes me happy because it works so well with my book! YaY!

    Thanks again for all these wonderful links and such, Heather!

  11. Lindsey, that was a great one! Titles are tough and Vickie tells us why it's important to keep trying. I'm so glad you found one you're happy with!

  12. Gosh, I love your Tuesdays! I agree, thanks a million!! :)

  13. Melissa, you're welcome! Thank you. :)

  14. Thanks for all the links. Yes, titles are indeed hard. But they're the first things that get noticed by agents and readers alike. Have a great mid-week, Roland

  15. Roland, great point! They are our first impressions and we want them to be good!

  16. Thanks for these awesome tweets, Heather. I was curious to read the one from Ginger Clark about following up on a submission. I'd be so chicken to do this! Love your great stuff on Tuesdays.

  17. Hi, Heather,

    Thanks for the tips. Now I have some time to catch up on things.

    These look like great links.

    Next time you stop by check out MY illustrations on the top right of my blog and let me know what you think. I have the cover and inside illustrations of my first novel....


  18. Love that list of great titles! Thanks for all the (always useful) links, Heather.

  19. Julie, I know, before reading her tweet I never would have done that either! It's great to know!

    Michael, awesome I'll be sure to check those out!

    Linda, you're welcome, and thank you. :)


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