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For my Twitter Tuesday fans, sorry but I'm throwing a new re-occurring post into the mix. No worries, you'll still get your Twitter Tuesday updates, it will just be every other week now instead of every week. There were weeks I was struggling to find tweets for you and I also decided that I wanted to add in a little something for the readers among my followers. But I'd love for my writer friends to participate too. I'll put a teaser of either my novel or something I'm working on, then I'd love your comments and links within your comments to your own posts on your teasers!

Here we go. This teaser is from my debut novel The Secret of Spruce Knoll:

     Eyes on the road ahead of her, she crossed the bridge without slowing~and was blindsided. The second she hit the blacktop on the other side of the bridge, a figure stepped into her path. Whatever it was must have been downwind and moving very fast; otherwise, she would have noticed it. She and the figure tumbled to the ground in a tangled heap. 

Now it's your turn! Let me know what you thought and share a link to yours! And don't worry, Twitter Tuesday will be back next week. 


  1. I remember this paragraph from early in the book, Heather. Reading it stand-alone, as it is here, emphasizes a key clue that I was aware of before: the protag's sense of smell is beyond normal for humans. Readers of Spruce Knoll will love how that clue adds to what they're learning about the protagonist.

  2. I stopped over via Alex's movie blog fest. I'm a new follower and excited to see the 'I Love Dark YA BlogFest.' I'll be checking that out!

  3. Definitely a teaser! An exciting new blog feature. :)

  4. *gasp* No twitter Tuesday?? *lip quivers* but...but...but...

    Oh, well, at least you gave us an AWESOME teaser!! :-)

  5. Linda, good eye! ;)

    Ciara, welcome and thank you for stopping by and for following! I'm really looking forward to the blogfest too!

    Jessica, thank you! :)

    Shannon, sorry hon, next week, I promise! Glad you liked the teaser though.

  6. Hee, hee. Like Linda, I know where this is from...one of my favorite character's introduction...starts with an "A." LOL.

  7. Ah, but what a great replacement for your normal Tuesday post! <3 <3

  8. I loved reading this teaser! :) Have to wonder who the figure is.

    And I love your new blog design, BTW. It's so pretty!

  9. Oh, I liked this one, Heather. I like that you're adding this to your Tuesdays.

    I have one up today as well from my next book over at Lorelei's Muse (: for anyone interested.

  10. I remember this passage well...and I'm not giving anything away. But anytime you're blindsided and tumble in a tangled heap with the opposite sex, one of two things happens...or perhaps three or four. But for now let's just say it's either love or hate, peace or war, or just an ugly struggle? Hmmmm... the mystery continues. Yes, this woman has a keen sense of smell.

    I love the teaser post idea!!! (can you tell by the !!!) I might have to borrow this idea. You are full of so many.

  11. Sarah, thank you!

    Karen, awesome! It's one of my favorite scenes. :)

    Carol, thanks hon!

  12. Golden Eagle, you'll have to read the book to find out! And thanks, I'm glad you like the new look!

    Lorelei, thanks and I'm off to check out your new cover!!!

    Karlene, glad you like it. :) Borrow away!

  13. Wow, what an exciting clip! Um, so I'm going to have to read your book. It's BEAUTIFUL, by the way. Congrats to you!

  14. Good catch, Linda! The teaser had me wondering why she should have noticed it!

  15. Ooooh, now I wanna read your book even more! Lol... Can't wait to get my hands on a copy. :-)

  16. Fab teaser, Heather! I can't wait to read the whole thing. Happy Tuesday, er... Wednesday.

  17. Barbara, ah, thank you! That's so sweet!

    Erica, all will be revealed... ;)

    Crystal, that's excellent, thank you!

    Talli, I love the new avatar! And thank you!!!

  18. Stopping by the blog today to say that I've given you the Versatile Blogger award. I know this award has been around awhile and you may have received it already, but if not, come and claim it here: http://tinamoss.blogspot.com/2011/09/writer-wednesday-versatile-blogger.html

    Thanks for all you do in the blog-o-sphere! :)


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