A Home Base

At long last, I have a website! I've been flitting around the internet homeless for so long that I've gotten used to the whole free spirit thing. But it has its disadvantages and I finally caved and created a site that I can call home. It's a place for news, updates, and of course anything and everything about my books, without all the other fluff. My 'Events' and 'Contact Me', pages have moved there.

I'd love for you to visit me there! Click on this link to check it out. And be sure to go back regularly for news!


  1. Awesome, Heather. I love the header on your home page.

  2. Your header is indeed beautiful. Obviously, you believe an author webpage is necessary. But why? Doesn't it dilute and divide reader focus? Just wondering.

    1. I'm so touched, I designed it! Great question Roland. I felt the need to have somewhere just for my readers, somewhere that separated out all the writer stuff and was just for fans.


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