Vampire Academy Needs Your Help

When the Vampire Academy movie came out in my area I attempted to rush out and see it. The problem was, showings were limited. I figured, I'd catch it the following weekend. It was pulled by then. One week released in this area. I had a sinking feeling it must sort of blow chunks. I was wrong. Having just seen it, I kind of loved it. Sure, Dimitri isn't how I pictured him, but I can live with that. I absolutely loved the books, devoured them, in fact, so I was really psyched to see and support the movie. Alas, I was unable to. Until now. 

Turns out they are considering a sequel, but they need to see more buzz on social media to justify it. So I'm doing my duty for a series that blew Twilight to bits and then some. Seriously, it is that good. If you haven't read it because you feared it was just another teen vampire series, you are really missing out. This series is far more Buffy than Twilight. It kicks some serious butt. Click like your life depends on it to check these books out then Tweet, FB, and post your hearts out to help support books that empower young women. 


  1. I understand your angst. When something you love is swept under the rug, you cringe. THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL was that for me. They never showed it in my city or in many cities -- the same thing happened with MIDNIGHT IN PARIS. :-(

    How are you liking ODD THOMAS?

    1. I loved that movie too! It is a shame when good works don't get the recognition they deserve. *Sigh* I'm LOVING Odd Thomas!

  2. Argh. Missed it during its initial showing. I liked the book. Just saw quotes for now. Maybe I'll catch it on DVD.

    1. You'll have to check it out. It follows the book quite well.


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