Why I Am a Nook Girl Instead of a Kindle Girl

A lot of my friends~especially my indie author friends~wonder why I'm a Nook girl instead of a Kindle girl. And nope, this is not a slam post on either. Sorry to disappoint.

But Heather, Amazon is so much better to indie authors than B&N is, they say. They have Kindle Select that helps indie's promote, bestselling lists for free books, and they have publishing lines.

True, but they also have confusing algorithms that authors can't seem to break now days, and their Select locks authors into a contract that alienates readers with other brands of eReaders (which just seems really wrong in so many ways). I'm not saying Amazon is the devil, or that I'm against them, I'm not. I'm Switzerland on the subject since I believe they do good things for authors as well.

If so, then why did I choose a Nook over a Kindle? Easy, as a lifetime reader and an author, I love physical book stores. The smell of books will always sooth me, even though I read eBooks almost exclusively now. I still buy physical books to collect, and I buy them as gifts for others. So, a place that has a physical book store will always win out over one that doesn't.

The second reason, and it's a BIG one, I hate spam. Every time I order something from Amazon they spam the living crap out of me, that includes eBooks. Not only do I get Amazon spam, but I get spam from other retailers that sell items on Amazon's site, which means they give them my information. B&N doesn't spam me, ever, and I love that about them.


  1. Those are solid reasons. I've done e-books but I'm still a physical books person.

    I prefer B&N. In fact, my writing critique group meets at our B&N.

    1. I love that your group meets there, that is awesome!

  2. Hmm... thanks for sharing your thoughts. I've always used my kindle app because of the convenience. I do go to the bookstore often to even just write. I guess I should support them with Nook.

    1. You've got to go where your heart leads you. Mine always leads me to the bookstore. :)

  3. Heather, I love books. I don't own a kindle or a nook. But it's sad the pricing strategy and marketing of the big book stores are forcing people to go to Amazon.
    I was so upset when the big stores like B&N came to town and wiped out the mom and pop stores. But times change. Now I try to support the book stores, but I drive to B&N, and pay a third more for the same book I can buy on Amazon. I wouldn't mind doing that, but 9 out of 10 times they don't have the book I want. A week to get one delivered at a third higher price, I know why Amazon has taken off.
    With all this said, that store we feel sorry for was the predator of the little stores. So, now they are getting eaten. I'm hoping to go back to basics. I say... buy real books from your local mom and pop neighborhood store! The cycle continues!

    1. I love the little book stores too so I know what you mean. But, the problem is, they rarely have what I want and I have to order it, so I go to B&N! Amazon is never an option for me when it comes to books though.


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