Twitter Tuesday~Writing Competitions, New Agents, Speed Dating Tips & More!

It was a light tweeting week for me since I've had my nose deeply embedded in my editing. But I couldn't leave you hanging so I caught a few great ones for you. If you haven't read this post by ex-agent Nathan Bransford about self-publishing vs. traditional then you have to!

@NathanBransford Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing: Which Way Will You Make More Money?

If you haven't entered the Writer's Digest annual writing competition or haven't heard about it be sure to click on this one!
@WritersDigest Just over a month left to enter the WD Annual Writing Comp. Win $3000 and a trip to NYC!

My friend Monica brings us this link to a new agent. Remember they're great opportunities for writers who are on the hunt!
@Monica_BW New AGENT, who repps YA! (Among other genres)

Agent Ginger Clark shares a few trends editors are seeing in submissions right now:
@Ginger_Clark Two trends I am hearing from editors in some markets: psychological YA thrillers; and fairytales retellings.

This post was so good that I had to feature my own tweet. Agent Vickie Motter shares a few excellent tips for Speed Dating with agents:
@HeatherMcCorkle From agent @Vickie_Motter Tips For Agent Speed Dating:  #WritersRoad #writing

Agent Jill Corcoran keeps it real and reminds us that it isn't always easy for agents to pass on a novel:
@JillCorcoran so hard turning down a ms that you know is good but you also know you are not the best agent for it. #keepingitreal=betteroutcomeforeveryone

Hopefully at least a few of those are helpful to you. I'm off to bury my nose back in my editing. Happy writing, reading, editing, or tweeting to all of you!


  1. Always informative post on Tuesday. Thanks, Heather. I'm on call since the weather is severe. I have strange luck! Roland

  2. Great information about agents. I don't think I could ever be an agent due to my inability to say no (: I do enjoy editing because it gives me an opportunity to analyze every word. Crazy I know. Good luck editing.

  3. Thanks, Heather! I missed that Vickie Motter post, and it's a good one. Always love Nathan's insights and information, too. What a great resource!

  4. I just spent the last 20 minutes link hopping! Thanks, Heather. :-)

  5. Always loads of good stuff going on! Thank goodness you keep us updated.

  6. Roland, bummer, hopefully the bad weather won't produce much bad luck!

    Josh, sounds like although agenting might not be for you, editing could!

    Linda, you're welcome! Vickie's post was great! I'm glad I could steer you to it.

  7. Shannon, LOL! Excellent!

    Talli, I'm here to serve. ;)

  8. Heather these are wonderfully helpful. I would love to enter the WD... and I might have a book. But, I'll need a major rewrite and major edit. Do I have time? Not sure. But you've given me one more thing to think about. Thank you Heather! Have an incredible day. Fun day of editing!!!

  9. Your twitter Tuesdays are always helpful, Heather. I love your blogging schedule. Each day of the week has something to look forward to on your blog.

  10. Karlene, I'm glad I could throw in a few helpful links for you! I'm enjoying my day of editing. You know me, love it!

    Michael, thank you. :-)

  11. yay to helpful heather and yay to editing! hope it continues to go well! christy

  12. These are great Twitter links (as usual). And YES! New agents are always something to investigate. :)

  13. Yay for Heather's Twitter Tuesday! Thanks so much.

  14. I just loved this! Twitter is my friend and then sometimes not. I get all intimidated. *shivers*

  15. Karen, thanks! So true, they really are!

    Julie, you're welcome. :)

    Salarsen, I know, I almost never see you on there! Don't be afraid to come hang out with us. We don't bite. ;)


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