Teaser Tuesday And Swag Pack Giveaway

Before we get to Teaser Tuesday, I need to announce the winner of Kristie Cook's Soul Saver swag pack from her Genesis tour giveaway! And the winner is:

(I'm not sure if that's your complete email address so be sure to leave a comment so Kristie can get a hold of you). Congratulations to Christina!

Now for Teaser Tuesday. Today's teaser is from The Secret Of Spruce Knoll page 14:

Eren's knee hurt and her elbow stung, but she forgot about them both in an instant. Above her hovered the most amazing hazel eyes framed by a shock of tousled brown hair streaked through with black highlights. It was a boy, and he was lying on top of her. She fought a flush of embarrassment and lost.

Okay your turn! Leave me a teaser from your work in progress, or from what your reading if you would like!


  1. Oooh! Now *that's* a teaser. I want more!

  2. I never do this, but here's a snippet from my MS:

    “Why can’t we just choose our own roommates?” Kevin asked.

    Mr. Little’s eyes darted to the closest picture of the director. “One of the first things you boys need to learn is that you are not in charge. Grown-ups make the decisions and children do as they’re told. This is The Naughty Boy Factory after all, not summer camp.”

    “That’s bogus!” Kevin said. “I’m NOT rooming with any of these dweebs! Jake, you’re rooming with me.” Jake stood next to Kevin and they both crossed their arms.

    “Cooperation is always the best option here, gentlemen. I assure you, the alternative is never pleasant.”

    “Whatever.” Kevin argued. “There’s twenty of us and only one of you. Plus, we’re eight floors up and you don’t have your stupid robot dudes.”

    Mr. Little looked at the director’s picture again —and then nodded. All of the sudden, picture frames on both sides of the hall started to hum and glow light blue. Before anybody could say a word, two rays of blinding light shot out of the frames and Kevin and Jake both dropped to the floor, unconscious.

  3. That is a beautiful snippet. I'm in "brain dump" mode in NaNoWriMo so what I have is in "mind drivel" form :-)

  4. From the first page of my WIP:

    Kollin lay on his hard pallet still, though the commotion around him let him know that the orphanmaster would soon make his appearance in the common room. He felt his chest rise and fall in a deceptive rhythm. He was not asleep; only hoping to catch a few more moments’ rest before the arrival of a new work day.

    He knew he should rise and make his pallet presentable. Like that was ever hard. He had only to pull up the thin, mouse-chewed blanket to the head of the pallet and he’d be fine through the inspection.

    If he didn’t move soon, though, he’d be punished for sleeping in when there was work to be done. For his laziness. The sun’s not yet broken the city walls, Kollin thought bitterly. I don’t need him to give me another reason to deny me a meal.

  5. I really have to get to your book soon, Heather. I'm reading horror and spooky right now to get me in the mood for my next project. But once I've done the pre work, I can finally read your book. :D

    Awesome teaser, btw.

  6. I have been locked out of my apartment for two days now. I am forlornly pecking on my laptop in the dark outside my door with the key snapped off in the lock!

    The mosquitoes love me! Help!

    Here are the 1st 2 paragraphs of my UNDER A VOODOO MOON :

    I don’t want to say being twelve sucked, but I lost count of how often people tried to kill me that year.
    I remember the last time.
    My Twelfth year was a bit like Twelfth Night, the eve that church-goers call the Eve of the Epiphany … a fancy adult word that describes what the donkey felt when the two-by-four smacked him.

    Hope you enjoyed it, Roland

  7. Oh.. I have no teaser... but I loved yours and remember that scene well.

  8. Talli, thank you!

    Shannon, that is AWESOME! I want to read that so bad! Love it.

    Angela, I totally understand. My brain is mush today. You're allowed to veg. ;)

  9. Michelle, how heartbreaking! You've pulled me in with just those few paragraphs. Love it!

    Stina, thanks! I do that too, read the genre I'm about to write to get my mind set.

    Roland, oh no, why are you locked out?! And wow, that is some beginning, one worthy of your brillaince!


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