A Perfect Halloween Read

Happy Halloween all! Do I have a treat for you...

The description of this mysterious adult paranormal thriller had me chomping at the bit to read it. The co-authors only sweetened the deal and made me want to read it even more. I was in the Winter Wonders anthology with Tina Moss and Yelena Casale and I fell in love with their captivating writing styles at that point. So much so that as soon as I heard about A Touch of Darkness, I couldn't hardly wait for it to release. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to get an ARC! But you're in luck, it releases officially from the publisher today!

This novel is True Blood meets Immortal Instruments, only so much better. I couldn't get past some of the quirkiness of True Blood and Immortal Instruments was far too slow to hold my attention properly. But this blew them both away in those arenas.

 A Touch of Darkness rockets you along a pulse-pounding story and sucks you into the characters. You'll want to cheer for Cassie's fiesty spirit and loyalty and you'll come to love Gabe and all his wonderful flaws.

I highly recommend this for fans of adult paranormal novels who don't mind a bit of graphic material.

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Here is a bit about it:

Cassie’s working for a tightwad boss at a pretentious NYC diner, dealing with paralyzing pain that doctors can’t diagnose, and trying to hide her hands that glow purple whenever she ...well, whenever.

So, when a mysterious stranger walks out of her dreams and into her life to spout some nonsense about her being a mythical creature, she chalks it up to one more crazy thing to add to her it’s-a-crappy-life list. Yet, when the stranger’s predictions start to come true, she discovers a world that could shake up her humdrum existence.


  1. Thanks for the recommendation. It sounds good.

    1. It really was! It's going on my list of favorites.

  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful review, Heather! So happy you enjoyed A Touch of Darkness! Happy Halloween! :)

    1. You're most welcome. Thank you and Tina for writing such a captivating book!

  3. Thank you SOOOO much, Heather! I'm so glad you liked it. Happy Halloween! :D

    1. You're very welcome! Happy Halloween to you too sweetie!


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