Monday's Muse~Ice City

I've had a crazy busy week and my poor muse has been working some serious over time. With the upcoming writer's seminar in Oklahoma I'm not only writing my work in progress but also doing one last edit on the book I'm taking to the seminar! Am I crazy to do so much at once, yes, yes I am. This picture was taken at an ice festival in Alaska. It made me think of a city in my latest book and helped keep me in that wintery mood despite the fact that it's looking like spring where I live.

This is a picture of Kaui Hawaii. Looking at this it's not hard to imagine what the world must have looked like before we took over as the dominate species. Which of course leads me to start thinking of other worlds entirely…

One of my fantastic followers here prompted me to start listening to more music as I write. It’s a habit I've gotten out of. I never meant to, I love music, it just happened. But, armed with a new MP3 player after the holidays, I now have no excuse. So here's the song of the week that inspired me: I want to love you by Shelly Fairchild off her debut album Ride. You can check out a bit of it here:  (while I don't support Amazon, unfortunately they had the best link to this song).


  1. The ice festival and Hawaii photos are beautiful. I see how they can keep you inspired. Good luck at the seminar.

    I left a you an award on my blog. Go check it out :)

  2. You are so sweet! How was I not following your blog?! I will post on my fabulous award tomorrow!

  3. These are super great pictures. Love the Ice Festival one! Thanks for sharing.

  4. You're welcome Lindsey :) That ice festival picture really opens the imagination doesn't it?!

  5. So beautiful! Love the pictures. Love your blog!


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