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With fantastic events like Book Expo America (BEA) going on I've seen a lot of discussion about ARC's across the internet. For those who don't know, an ARC~otherwise known as an advanced reader copy~is an advanced copy of an upcoming book meant for distribution for the purpose of promotion. When you get published you'll get a certain number of copies~amount is determined by your publisher~of your book in ARC form to give out to whomever you see fit. We're not just talking friends and family here, though hopefully you'll have enough to give out to them as well! ARC's benefit the author most when put into the hands of booksellers who will hopefully like it and then order the books, or to book reviewers who will review and support it, and of course to fans.

Most ARC's say somewhere on them 'promotional copy, not for sale', so you should never see them at a reputable book seller. It's illegal to sell ARC's, and a bad idea if you like the author at all. Authors and their publishers do not profit from ARC's. In fact, ARC's cost the publisher money to make and distribute, money they don't get back. It's an investment, like any promotional act.

If you can't buy them, then how do you get a hold of an ARC? BEA is all about book promotion so if you're lucky enough to get in then you can walk away with bags of ARC's. Most people who attend BEA are authors and booksellers, the people ARC's are really made for. But don't worry fans and book lovers, you can also win ARC's in contests on the websites of authors or book reviewers. When it get's close to release time for a book from your favorite authors be sure to frequent their website to check for contests!


  1. YA author Carrie Ryan had a great post last week mostly about why it takes so long for a book to come out, but with some interesting stuff about ARCs including the fact that when the ARC for The Forest of Hands and Teeth came out it had a different ending than what was in the published book. Interesting. Here's the link to her post:

  2. Sounds fascinating! Thanks for the link Alissa I'm going to click over and check it out.

  3. Getting an ARC feels like a special treat! I worked for an author who gave me one as a Christmas present. I'm pretty sure it was the best Christmas present ever.

  4. Wow, I had no idea...what a great idea! I'd love to get to read an ARC. I might have to check this out. Thanks, Heather!

  5. I've got to agree with you Portia, that would be the best gift ever!

    You'll definitely have to check into ARC's Kari, you'll be hooked on finding then once you read your first one! Its such a treat to get to read them before the book comed out.

  6. Yes, love ARC's. Was waiting for a fave book from my fave author and then won an ARC from a FB contest she was holding. Am now going to do an interview with her on my blog! Woohoo! I love her and her books so much, I want to help her sell books so she can keep writing them! :)

  7. That's part of why I love ARC's so much, cause they can be a huge help in supporting my favorite authors! You'll have to let me know when you post your friend's interview. Can't wait to read it!


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