Twitter Tuesday~Querying Trenches

Since I'm now back in the agent querying pool I've been quite busy and my Twitter time has suffered for it. This means I didn't get a lot of links for you this week and the one's I did get are, you guessed it, query related! The good news is, if you need help on your query these links are really good!

The first one was written by super agent Nathan Bransford with Curtis Brown LTD. If you don't know who Nathan is then you need to find out!

@thecreativepenn How to Write a Query Letter  via @NathanBransford

This one is by a new agent, Weronika Janczuk with D4EO literaryThose who have been querying a while know that a new agent is great for new writers because they're building their client list. Not to mention, Weronika is awesome. You definitely want to check her out.

@WeronikaJanczuk New blog post! A Note About Reading Queries: Since, in addition to being an agent, I am also a writer, I am a memb...

This one if from the blog of Chuck Sambuchino who is with Writer's Digest. Chuck's blog is like a treasure chest for writers. If you haven't checked it out you're missing out on some excellent information.

@WritersDigest New Agent Alert: Jason Pinter of Waxman Literary Agency - Reminder: Newer agents are golden opportunities for new wr...

Does anyone have any great links or tweets to share that I might have missed last week? Or any news from the querying trenches? My query trenches news: a wonderful agent requested a partial from me last week and my novel is being read and considered by Tom Colgan, editor of Penguin!


  1. I knew you'd bounce back quickly. You'll have them fighting over you soon enough. :D

  2. Aw thanks Lisa, you're so sweet! I'd be thrilled with just the right agent, but if they want to fight... LOL!

  3. Girl, I feel you! Been querying since April. My book proposal (I write nonfiction) is currently with two agents. Waiting to hear back. Here's to both of us getting good news soon! :)

  4. I'll raise a glass to that Elizabeth! Best of luck to us both!

  5. I understand not being able to be on Twitter when you’re sending out query letters. I’m awful at forcing myself to writing those things. I think I’ll be stuck doing some (ok many) around Christmas break for a stand alone book I’ve been working on. So thank you, I’m making this page a ‘favorite’ so I can reference it when needed. I’ll also be sure to share info when I see it. :-) The best of luck to you and your writing.

  6. Heather, that's great news! :-) You're in my thoughts.

  7. Great news Heather on the querying process. Thanks for the links. I'll be in the querying trenches with you soon. :)

  8. Query letters are almost as bad as writing as synopsis aren't they Sarah?! Thank you so much for adding me to your favorite page. I feel honored! Best of luck on your December submitting!

  9. Thanks Portia and Karen! Fingers crossed! Karen, I'd say come on in the water is fine, but you know the truth. SO how about, come on in, I've got your back. ;-)


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