Monday's Muse~Battle And Fear

This painting is called The Morning Of The Battle Of Agincourt and is by Sir John Gilbert. It embodied the atmosphere of last week's chapter quite well. Though it may seem like the climax chapter from this painting, it is actually the chapter before the climax. My characters must face what they fear and want most and they'll never be the same. As you might imagine, it was a tough chapter to write because it was so visceral.

I finished The Iron Witch and loved it! It more than passed the test, I will absolutely be buying the sequel! Author Karen Mahoney has made me a fan with that novel. The Clearing by Anne Riley arrived just in time for me to start a new book and wow am I glad it did. So far I am loving this book! I'll let you know how things progress with it. If you want to learn more about it just click on the picture of the cover to the right.

With all the tension and battles I've been writing about lately the only appropriate music seems to be Iron Maiden. No Prayer For The Dying is the song that sticks out most in my mind when I think about last week's chapter.

Do you make your characters face their worst fears and desires? Does it always turn out the way you thought it would when you do? What inspired you last week?


  1. I am working my main character toward facing her worst fear; she just doesn't know it yet. I have an idea of how I would like the scenario to play out, but I am enjoying letting it unfold as I write.

    P.S. I tend to do creative writing in quietness, but I like to listen to metal when I'm working on academic papers.

  2. Heather, I had no inspiration last week. I was facing my Morning Of The Battle Of My Life. It's a tough chapter to write and to live. But... must be done. We all face external and internal battles. Even our characters. Maybe we need to go there to reach our climax. lol. (Sex would be easier) I love this question... are my characters facing their worst fears and desires? Did I do this in my novel? Better yet, do I know what they are? Excellent question! Now I will go walk and think about that. Thank you!!!

  3. I really want to read the Iron witch.

    I love forcing my characters to grow, change, develope. Becuse if you dont, your stagnent.

  4. Facing their worst fears is the only way to survive. And I found out that not only does the character have to face the fear, she has to take a real chance on losing everything in the process. That picture captures the tension and the mood perfectly. You must be exhausted!!!

  5. Ang, I love how a story suprises me as it unfolds! That is a huge part of the fun isn't it?! That's awesome that you listen to metal when working on academic papers! LOL!

    Karlene, I'm so sorry you had a tough week. I can't wait until I get to visit in April and get to help lift your spirits! I'm glad I could inspire a bit of thought on your writing for now. :)

  6. Read, it's a great book, I think you'll enjoy it! So true about making your characters grown and change.

    Linda, I am a bit exhausted I must admit. The end of a great book does that to me though, and I think this may be my best yet!

  7. Wow, there is a lot of detail and emotion to draw from in that picture, Heather! Great choice. :-)

  8. Sounds like a great book!

    I try to make my characters face their fears. Tension like that is a great thing, LOL.

  9. Shannon, there definitely is! It blew me away when I saw it. Thanks!

    Lydia, thank you! So true, that is the best kind of tension isn't it?!

  10. I try to make my characters face the worst I can. Sometimes, I find that what I thought was their worst fear actually isn't-- and I find a way to make them face what REALLY scares them. Is it sadistic to say I love it? :)

  11. Each of my heroes secretly fear being always alone. In the end, that is how they all end up for making the right, but costly, decision. It hurts to write that episode in their adventures. Thanks for visiting my blog and all my tour destinations. It means a lot, Roland

  12. Shallee, I don't think that's sadistic at all! Only under intense pressure can we bring out the best in them. ;)

    Roland, wow, that's tough love on your characters! But that is what makes a story great. You're very welcome for the company on your journey. I've enjoyed following your tour!

  13. Heather, you know I put Sabrina through the test in the first book. I really scare the you know what out of her in the second one, and she doesn't even know it's coming--which is hard to do since she's a clairvoyant!
    Edits are never ending, it seems. But printing it out seems to be my best bet. Have a great week!

  14. Lorelei, you did for sure! But that's part of what made it so good! I'm a big believer in printing my ms out for editing now. You have a great week too!

  15. Congrats, Heather! Another epic chapter finished.

    Right now the sun and beach are inspiring me. Although I am only in edits for both my novels, the bright blue sky illuminated by the warmth of the sun is so soothing for the soul.

    In just of few days I will by meeting Christy, from erica and christy! She has come down to the Orlando area for a vacation with her family. So we plan to meet on Thursday or Friday... WHAT FUN!

    It will feel like when you, Linda, and Karlene get together.


  16. I always put my characters through the worst kind of torture. They'd probably string me up if they were real. And I love it when they surprise me!

  17. Michael, enjoy that good weather and getting to meet Christy! I'm super jealous of both!

    Lisa, LOL! I imagine they would! It's worth it for those moments of surprise isn't it?!

  18. Yeah, I think I make my characters face their worse fears, and I think they hate me for that!

    Also that picture up there? I LOVE the emotions that it conveys! I almost feel smart for starting to learn how to appreciate art! LOL


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