Call For Guest Moderators

Myself and the fabulous editor, TS Tate, moderate a weekly chat for writers on Twitter (most use Tweetchat) every Monday night at 6pm Pacific Time called #WritersRoad. We chat about everything to do with writing and publishing. If you haven't dropped in on one yet, you're missing out! It has become a 'trending' topic on Twitter on Monday nights. 

In fact, it has become so popular and is growing so much, that we'd like to invite guest moderators to step in for Tee or myself from time to time. Life gets busy, things demand our attention, but Tee and I never take a break from #WritersRoad. We're that dedicated to helping our fellow writers. And that's a big part of why, despite our busy lives, we refuse to let the chat go defunct like so many writers' chats have on Twitter. 

If you're interesting in guest moderating, have no fear, either myself or Tee will be there with you. That way you'll have someone who is familiar with the crowd and the way the chat is run, to help you out and keep things moving. You can either choose your own writing or publishing related topic (to be approved by Tee and myself, to make sure we haven't recently covered it), or we can help you choose one. 

Want to give it a shot? Leave me a comment or click on the Contact Me button above and I'll get back to you. The date is something we'll work out once we get in touch. 


  1. I'm iffy about the chatting consistently, but it's reassuring one of you will be there. I'll be brave and say, I'll do it! (:

    1. Don't worry Fida, we'd take good care of you! :)

  2. I'd be interested to pop in as a guest moderator every now and then!

  3. There's a number of chats I've tried to follow, but I always miss them. They're at the wrong time for me, since they're when my family is needing my attention. :(

    1. I know, that can make it tough! Especially for us westcoasters here where it's dinner time. :(


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