WritersRoad Chat Recap 4/15

Here is an abbreviated recap of the live #WritersRoad chat from last Monday during which we discussed a final checklist to run your novel through before submitting of publishing it:

Wyld_Dandelyon Check that your character names are distinct enough to avoid reader confusion. #writersroad

@HeatherMcCorkle: Ensure that each character is truly necessary to the story. What do they add? How often do they appear? #WritersRoad

HeatherMcCorkle Do a sweep for repetitive phrases or words. Make sure your characters don't appear 'twitchy' unless they're supposed to. #WritersRoad

teetate Do sweeps of phrases as well as sweeping out anything that doesn't advance your plot. Including dialog & backstory#writersroad

Wyld_Dandelyon But then, you can break _any_ rule if you do it well enough! #writersroad

HeatherMcCorkle #1 check: Does something HAPPEN in your novel, does it CHANGE someone, and does it get RESOLVED.#WritersRoad

SelenaBlake I have checklists for every aspect of my writing. Characters, revisions, edits, publishing in general.#writersroad

AllisonDuke So far tonight's chat serves as one of those friendly reminders that writing is seriously hard work. #WritersRoad

HeatherMcCorkle Many writers spend a ton of time rewriting the first page. You should spend just as much time on EVERY page.#WritersRoad

OnlyCassandra I use the nine-grid plan. Great for those that want stability of outlining but like freedom of pantsing!http://t.co/dObz5vA11E #WritersRoad


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