Book Review: The Curse Keepers

I was thrilled when I saw this book on NetGalley. Not only do I love Denise Grover Swank's writing, but I was beyond excited that she has been picked up traditionally! She is one of the most deserving indie authors I know and it's about time someone snatched her up. The Curse Keepers certainly stood up to the quality of writing and storytelling that I've come to expect from Denise.

We ease into Ellie's busy life with hints of a family curse that has to do with the lost colony of Roanoake. Ellie is instantly relateable and likeable as someone who works beyond hard to help support her family and is loyal to her friends. With family secrets and tragedy hiding in her past, she is nearly as mysterious as the gorgeous, magnetic man who walks into the diner where she works and turns her world upside down. Ellie and Collin do not go gently into each other's arms, they both resist the magnetism between them every step of the way. But the magic between them is more than just chemistry and it won't be denied.

This novel pulled me along through the exciting twists and turns at a pace that I don't often read anymore. I enjoyed it thoroughly and would highly recommend it for fans of adult paranormal books.

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  1. Heather, thank you for you kind words about being picked up by 47North! I'm so happy you liked The Curse Keepers!

  2. Sounds like a great read. I'll have to check it out.

    1. It's a great adult read, romance, danger, gorgeous man, what's not to love?!


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