Book Review: Lark's Quest

I downloaded this for free on B&N, then forgot where I got it. I opened and read it thinking it was a traditionally published ARC from NetGalley. Only when I went back to NetGalley to provide feedback did I realize it was an indie title that I hadn't gotten from there. It was that good! I give it: 

A hint of magic, powerful women warriors, and a mystery. I was hooked! The story flows in a writing style that carries you along, getting you caught up in the characters and the world. It is reminiscent of Stormdancer but I would dare to say, better written. This first tale of Lark promises a great series on the way, and at free, you can't go wrong. I would recommend it for fans of fantasy.
It is a novella that reads like a serial~which is to say the beginning of an ongoing tale. I'm coming to love serials because they fit quite well into my busy lifestyle. You won't regret fitting this one in!


  1. Don't you love it when a book surprises you like this?

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing, Heather.


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