Sunday, May 22, 2016

Shocking But Very Welcome News

I always figured the winners of contests are usually notified before the losers. So, as I watched the tweets for the Chicago North RWA chapter's Fire & Ice contest, I cheered along the others and prepared to offer congratulations to the winners. You can't imagine my complete and utter shock when I read this tweet:

I'm so honored, and so grateful to the judges of the Chicago North chapter. The other contestants were so talented, which is part of why this came as such a huge shock. That, combined with the history of never winning contests, left me floored! This great news comes after a rather difficult year in which the publisher I signed my debut with closed (meaning it wouldn't be published),  I lost two family members, the beloved head of the agency who represents me passed away, and I had a health scare on top of it. So this news is so much more than welcome. I just... don't even have the words.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Always a Bridesmaid, Until...

I've never really been one for entering contests where my writing is concerned. I don't win so it isn't fun for me. But, when a fabulous editor I really respect told me they like their clients to enter contests and put themselves out there, it inspired me. I decided to get over my hangups, get back on the metaphorical horse, and give it a try. Besides, there was that career changing time I entered a contest at a conference and met my fabulous agent through it.

So I decided to saddle up this year and really get out there and ride. I started with the Chicago North's chapter of Romance Writer's of America's Fire & Ice contest. And was totally blown away when...