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Joining the 17 Scribes

One of the first things the industry advises debut authors to do is join a group of authors. Having co-moderated the Writer's Road chat and brought writers together for years, I couldn't agree with this more. After all, it takes a tribe to make a book successful just as it takes a village to raise a child, so to speak. As soon as I knew I was going to sign a pub deal, I started looking for a great group. Authors are very welcoming and supportive by nature so I thought it would be easy. Unfortunately, I was really wrong. While there are a LOT of groups out there for young adult and middle grade authors, groups for those who write for adults are very, very hard to find. When I had pretty much given up hope, one found me. And not just any group, but a fantastic group. From contemporary, to fantasy, to historical, and thrillers, this group has it all. This fabulous group includes authors published by small houses and the Big 5. I love their diversity, their enthusiasm, and supp