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January 2015 Report

To help myself keep on track for my goals for the year, I've decided to do a monthly report of how things are coming along. We'll see how this works or if I'm left cringing most of the time! After receiving Blind Hearts back from agent #2, I put it through another round of edits and sent it back polished (to what seems like a high shine, hopefully) just yesterday. Fingers crossed that they both love it and think it's ready to send out on pub sub. I also polished up the proposal for the second book, and a third in the series. I began an outline on a novel set around 1830 centered around the romance of a couple involved in the building of the railroad in America. Hopefully I'll get to write that one later this year. I wrote the first 13,000 words of a brand new novel based off another historical romance set during the civil war that is currently in the hands of agent #1, whose critique on said novel I should be getting back any time now. Fingers crossed again!

Opportunity for Writers

For my writer friends out there, I have news of a great opportunity to get a critique. My agency sister Marisa Cleveland is hosting a first page critique contest . The fun part, it is completely non-subjective as it is based solely off random choosing. The fabulous part is that it is a critique with Lane Heymont, the newest junior agent at the Seymour Agency. And trust me folks, you want to represented by this fabulous agency, and not just because you'd then be agency family with me. :) Lane is looking for well-written science fiction and fantasy novels. Exceptional world building is a must. In the non-fiction, he is looking for the inspiring, intriguing, and mysterious. For more on Lane, click here . To enter this fabulous contest, click here . Best of luck to all of you!

Revisions and New Projects

This new year is absolutely going to rock. I'm expecting two projects back from my agents soon, yep two. They could both arrive at the same time, or weeks apart. Stressful, heck no, that's part of the fun. I'm psyched to have two projects out to them because that's two projects that will be out on editorial submission to publishers this year. Woo! And, because I simply cannot stop, I'm hard at work on a new book. This one is based off supporting characters in one of my books out to my agents. Want a hint as to what it is about? Check out my Pinterest board for it at this link . How is your new year going so far?